Ingó Olsen is Arctic Surfers’ founder, chief of operation and the soul of the company. It´s no exaggeration to say that Ingó is a pioneer when it comes to extreme sports and outdoor activities in Iceland. He has been at the forefront of the Icelandic snowboarding scene since the 90s, riding for Burton snowboards in the early days and his natural habitat seems to be on top of a board, be it a skateboard, snowboard or a surfboard. Ingó has worked as an adventure guide of all sorts for over a decade and is licensed to operate a great variety of outdoor activity tours. He always has a plan for exciting adventures along the way, and one of Ingó’s plan B is certainly going to be a treat. Ingó has spent the last 15 years exploring Iceland’s rugged coastline, discovering secret spots and finding new waves and adventures along the way. There is no person better equipped to run a surf tour in Iceland than Ingó Olsen.




Anton or Anton Curl as many know him, has proven his worth, earned his stripes and a place in our core crew and is by now a full time staff member at Arctic Surfers. There are many things to say about this ever-smiling man and they are all good, if you have already been lucky enough to spend time with him and travel around you know what we are talking about. He is a high performance athlete and has built up and dominated the Icelandic BMX seen for the last 10 years, having parts in foreign videos and is known for being super technical and a charger..


Ari Daniel


A surfer and fly-fishing fanatic by hart, a humble but talented person that knows and goes the distance. As a kid and a younger men he spent his time traveling Iceland and abroad  in the search of him self and what this world has to offer. Ari has joined our ranks in the fall of 2017 and proven and shown his worth in and out of the waters.  No mater if  it involves finding good waves, running safety and taking good care of our guests he is always on point and making each day as good as it can be. He is one of those persons that everyone enjoys meeting and a day with Ari Daniel is a day well spent.  




The city cat that loves to stray out into the countryside, the all around fun and cool guy that can make most things happen. Spending the day with Hlynur is always pure joy as he knows what life has to offer and how to make a memorable day. Hlynur has experience in organizing events and music festivals. He loves the outdoors and Icelandic nature and is more than capable of making your dream adventure day come true, in a safe and fun way that you will never forget.