What is the water temperature in Iceland ? On average the ocean is around 7-8°C it can get as warm as 12°C  and can drop to a chilling 0°C. This all depends on the seasons and where in the country you are getting in the water.


What is the best time to surf in Iceland ? We surf Iceland all year round.  The best season to surf depends a bit on what you are looking for. For proper swell and waves the best season would be considered from August - May. High winter holding some of the best and biggest swells in a mix with other adventures makes it a fun time to visit Iceland.  The summer gets some swell but not as frequent and not as strong/big. Summer has its advantages with light 24/7 to play with, warmer temperatures, warmer waters, more stable weather and nature in its bloom. As long as you have the energy you can keep going. 


What level of experience do I need for Surf tours ? To join our basic Surf Day Tours, where we travel with a mixed group of surfers, you need to be intermediate to expert surfer for everyone on tour needs to be surfing at a similar level. For private day tours group tours we you can be at any level if you need lessons please advice when you book. We do set up a surf school program every now and then so if you want to learn how to surf in Iceland keep an eye out for our surf schools on our Facebook account.


What level of experience do I need for Stand up paddle board tours ? You don’t need any prior experience to join our paddle board tours and we encourage everyone to try. When we  have bigger groups we try to put same level paddlers together so that everyone finds the tempo they are looking for.


Accommodation during our tours/travels? On our adventure tours we have many options of accommodation, where we stay depends a bit on where we are and what we are up to. In summer time we frequently travel with our mobile-base-camp that gives us comfort and freedom while we travel to score the best waves and adventures. Through the year we commonly stay in cabins, guesthouses, hostels and hotels.  We can also arrange accommodation depending on our clients wishes from Cabin/hostel/guesthouse to 5 Star hotels    ( at the moment there is only one 5 star hotel in Iceland but many 4 star properties that we can highly recommend for those that are looking for a bit more luxury travel)


Our location ? Our head quarters are at Eyjaslóð 3 in 101  Reykjavík we are usually there between 10:00-16:00 but once in a while we are all out and about so dropping us an email or giving us a call before you would like to visit our HQ is always a good idea.


For the Glacier lagoon SUP tour we are on the west side of the bridge

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What to bring on the SUP Glacier Lagoon tours :

What to bring on tour:
-thermal layers (pants and top)

-warm socks (wool or other warm material)

-fleas/wool sweater

-hat and gloves

-Good vibes and a BIG smile!

What to bring on the tours : surf / sup

What to bring on tour:
-Swimming wear
-Good vibes and a BIG smile!

What to where in Iceland ? When you come to Iceland you will probably hear this joke ‘’if you don’t like the weather in Iceland just wait a minute ‘’ this is why we recommend our guest to wear layered clothing so you can be ready for any kind of condition. For our tours we also recommend sensible shoes.

What is included ? SUP and Surf tours include guide, wetsuit and board. Pick up depends on tours,  please visit our web page for more information on each tour.

Will the guide surf with us  ? YES ALWAYS! We got into this line of business to be able to be as active in the water as possible.  Our guides are just as stocked and enthusiastic to surf as our guests and always ready and willing to go the extra mile to get the cream of the day.

Can I bring my own gear? Being surfers, snowboarders, skateboarders and BMX riders our self’s we know the joy of riding with your own gear so we say off course you can ! At the same time we would like to point our that we have a big selection of quality gear/equipment that we provide with our tours and are included in the price.  

How do I book ?  You can book online or send us an email

How do I pay ?  We can send you a payment link or pay online in our booking system.

Do I need to book in advance ? For our all tours it’s better to book in advance, the only tour that might be able to accept walk in traffic is the sup glacier lagoon tour during the summer months. But even if you only have short notice it’s always ok to call or send us a quick email and we might be able to add you to our tours.

            •           your booking is not secure until payment has been processed.

            •           For bigger group’s/ tours/productions we ask our clients to pay 70% at 8 weeks before arrival.      

What is your Cancelation policy ?

Our cancellation policy
10% of the price of your tour in non refundable, this percentage reflects our cost of booking & preparing your tour.
If you cancel your day trip with more than one weeks (7 days) notice you will be refunded 90% of the trip price.
If you cancel your day trip less than seven days before your departure you will be refunded 70% of the trip price.
If you cancel your day trip with less than two days notice (48 hours) no refund will be given.
If you cancel your multi day adventure tour or trek, including incentive trips, with more than four weeks (28 days) notice you will be refunded 90% of the trip price.
If you cancel such trips less than four weeks in advance and you will be refunded 50% of the trip price.
If you cancel such trips with less than two days notice (48 hours) no refund will be given.
The final number of participants given 48 hours before any trip is the number of participants you will have to pay for and hence absolutely no refunds are made for cancellations made 48 hours before a trip.


What about Plan B or flexibility if the weather/waves are not good  ? We prefer to be flexible because we want our clients to get the best experience so if the weather or waves are not working on the date you have booked we try to see if we can move the tour around.. Each day we head out with a plan-A, plan-B and a plan-C, this way we are guaranteed to have a fun day out even though weather conditions are not in favour our plan-A.

Can you do costume tours  ? Yes we can and we pride our self’s of out of the box thinking and making each tour an adventure, both our scheduled tours and our custom tours.

Why should I hire a guide in Iceland ? Everywhere you go you want to at least ask a local what the conditions are like but in Iceland the locals are few and you are not likely to just bump into a local surfer / paddler or find good locations on your own. Icelandic weather and conditions can be very erratic and hazardous. Surfing here requires more knowledge than many other surf spots due to its ever-changing nature. We aspire to be the best surf guides in the business and our years of experience makes our guide truly worth it and our reputation speaks for it´s self.

Can I rent equipment? Some times you can, sometimes you cant. Drop us an email and we will let you know. We have a great variety of boards but we don’t rent them out for longer periods. Buying surfboards in Iceland is almost impossible and they can be very hard to import so we need to take extra care of our boards and other equipment.

Can you arrange group tours and/ or events? Yes we can and we love to put together programs for different types of events and groups. Please see our Groups/events link on our webpage for more information

Why choose Arctic Surfers ? We are the first surf and SUP  company operated in Iceland, founded in 2010 from the love of surfing and exploring the wilderness of Iceland. Our crew is a team of professionals that all have a background in extreme sport’s and with our knowledge of Iceland combined with our love for the great outdoors and our ambition for every client to have the adventure of a lifetime we can offer a serves that no other serves provider in Iceland can.