With experience and knowledge gathered from years of traveling in Iceland and abroad we have taken part in and helped deliver some of the most  mind blowing footage ever filmed in Iceland. Location scouting, rigger/runner staff, safety, weather and ocean forecast, time lines and travel plans, permits, camera equipment, vehicles, helicopters, boats and other transport, accommodations + everything else you would need.

Part of our strength lies in our friends and partners that are located all over Iceland.  Our staff and our friends/partners are the go-to-people in what they do and we have hand picked them ourselves.  No one else can pull things off like Arctic Surfers do and every project we have worked on has been a huge success.


Give our media link a click to see some of the projects we have taken part in making them as good as they are.

We specialize in smaller projects and crews from 4-20 persons but we are up to any challenge.

Under an Arctic Sky


Down Days: Into the Wilds of Iceland SEE5

The Accord

Iceland Surf

TAKK - an Icelandic Surf Film

On the Road with Chris Bukard

Horizon Lines

Surfing With Iceburgs

The 12th edition of the Nixon Surf Challenge, in association with Monster Energy, Dragon and Reef, headed all the way north to Iceland for an incredible adventure just below the Arctic Circle, May 13-19 2013. After a week of exploring the volcanic island and surfing little-known breaks peppered along Iceland dramatic coastline, France's Vincent Duvignac was voted Best Overall by his fellow surfers.

Castle in the Sky

Light Surfing in Iceland

Cold Lines

Yow: Iceland for Yes!

No Country for Cold Men